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Rocketry Suppliers

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Electro-Tech Machining

Electro-Tech Machining is one of the leading graphite machine shops in the United States. We specialize in graphite machining and fabrication. ETM has provided high quality graphite products to our customers for over 65 years. Our equipment is the best on the market and is operated by highly skilled technicians ...

Ellis Mountain Rocket Works

Long burn - High thrust - Affordable high power rocket motors through M1000-P sizes.

EMJ Metals

EMJ is a premier metals service center specializing in Alloy Bar, Aluminum Bar, Brass Bar, Carbon Bar, Cast Iron Bar, Chrome Bar, Stainless Bar, Super Alloy Bar, Alloy Tube, Aluminum Tube, Carbon Tube, Stainless Tube, Super Alloy Tube, Alloy Plate, Aluminum Plate, Carbon Plate, Stainless Plate, and more.

Estes Industries logo

Estes Industries

Estes makes model rocketry kits, motors and accessories and has been around for many years. Motors (solid fueled) range from A to G and are sold in hobby stores all over. Most rocketry enthusiasts got their start with an Estes starter kit.

Experilab logo


The Experilab Cobra Rocketry System is a unique inexpensive way to get started in the exciting field of model rocketry.

Fiberlay Fiberglass Products

Founded in the early 1950's, Fiberlay has grown to become a leading wholesale/retail distributor of fiberglass supplies including epoxy and polyester resins, casting and molding supplies, abrasives and safety supplies and composite materials. Through a network of manufacturers we are able to offer customers of every size and application a ...

FibreGlast Developments Corporation

The world's leading source of packaged fiberglass and composite materials since 1957.

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