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Rocketry Suppliers

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Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop

Uncle Bob's Rocket Shop is an on site and mail order rocket shop, specialising in hybrid rocket motors, and run by one of the UK's most prolific and experienced hybrid rocketeers. Uncle Bob probably has the largest range of hybrid rocket motors in Europe, and also provides hybrid rocket workshops ...

Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack logo

Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack

Semroc, Edmonds, Dynastar, Dr Zooch, Flis, WestWayne Rockets, Starlight Rocketry, Cosmodrome ,Saturn Press, Sunward, Estes & More. Parts for all your scratch building needs. Motor mounts ,body tubes, nose cones, parachutes, tube couplers, nomex & kevlar recovery items. And Epoxy & CA Adhesives.

VectorNav Technologies

Specialize in developing miniaturized embedded inertial sensors. Our first product, the VN-100 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) is the smallest of its type and is the first available in a surface-mount package. With this sensor developers now have the ability to add embedded attitude determination into almost any imaginable ...

Weeks Distributors / DuraFix

Distributors of "DuraFix", a product which enables one to repair aluminum and zinc based parts without welding equipment. Using a hand-held propane torch and DuraFix one can "produce a sound joint that is stronger than the parent metal".

What's Up Hobbies logo

What's Up Hobbies

Sell HPR rocket kits, motors, hardware and accessories. They also offer custom fabrication and machining of aluminum, graphite, composite and wood pieces!

Wildman Rocketry logo

Wildman Rocketry

Sell rocket kits, motors, recovery systems, electronics, and also have some photos and video clips posted.


Hybrid motors and launch systems. Lots of cool stuff I can't really explain, you need to visit the site and check it all out. Have fun.

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