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Rocketry Suppliers

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SFSM Industries

Rocket motors, nitrous oxide (locally), rocket kits, parachutes, and other rocketry related items.

ShadowAero Composites

ShadowAero has been providing extreme advanced materials, comprehensive knowledge, and amateur rocketry supplies since 1995. Please view the links below for more information about our products and ancillary services.

Sirius Rocketry, LLC

Since 1998, Sirius Rocketry has marketed challenging and unique kits for the serious rocketeer. Offering an extremely detailed 1:64 Saturn V as well as their own line of Sci-Fi themed kits. Also dealers for Semroc, Flis Kits, Top Flight Recovery, Bob Smith Products, and much more!

Sky Ripper Systems logo

Sky Ripper Systems

Sell high power (HPR) motors and hardware for 29mm, 38mm, 54, 75mm and 98mm motors, along with some cool shirts and apparel too.

Skylighter, Inc.

Skylighter offers a wide variety of novelty fireworks, sparklers, fireworks books, fireworks videos, pyrotechnic chemicals (potassium nitrate, potassium perchlorate, aluminum, sulfur, etc.), fireworks making tools, fireworks tubes (for rockets, mortars, fountains, salutes, shells, etc.), fireworks shell parts, end plugs, end disks, end caps, and other paper and plastic supplies for ...

Small Parts, Inc.

In 1963 SMALL PARTS INC was formed to meet the needs of organizations that required small quantities of special parts to produce sample items or prototypes. Unwilling to purchase large lots directly from manufacturers, our customers were delighted to find a firm willing to ship small quantities of different sizes ...

Smokin' Rockets

Our kits feature Public Missiles Ltd. tubes and components which are known for their quality and strength. All airframes are pre-slotted and available with vacuum bagged and sanded fiberglass laminations as an option. Fins are custom cut from mult-layer Baltic birch plywood and include beveled leading and trailing edges. 98mm, ...

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