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Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack
13977 Blackburn
Livonia, Michigan 48154
United States

Uncle Mike's Rockets:

Semroc, Edmonds, Dynastar, Dr Zooch, Flis, WestWayne Rockets, Starlight Rocketry, Cosmodrome ,Saturn Press, Sunward, Estes & More. Parts for all your scratch building needs. Motor mounts ,body tubes, nose cones, parachutes, tube couplers, nomex & kevlar recovery items. And Epoxy & CA Adhesives.

Webmaster description:
Uncle Mike sells rocket kits, adhesives, books and videos, body tubes, nose cones, ignitors and ignitor wire, motors and mounts, HPR motor hardware, parachutes and recovery systems, and rocket kits from most major suppliers.

From the website:
Hello and welcome to Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack. I'm Mike. I got that name from many of the school children who I have introduced to model rocketry. The "Shack" is actually my shed where I put all my "Rocket Projects" together. So when it came time to open up a business "Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack" was born.

Rocketry for me started in 1975 during what could be called a heyday of rocketry. Remained in it until 1979 when I decided to let Uncle Sam become my employer. After being honorably discharged in 1984, I found other things in life to take up my time, school, girls, cars and playing baseball and football. After retiring in 2001 I needed a hobby to occupy my idle time, so I turned to my old friend rocketry.

I started selling on EBay around 2001. While selling off some old Estes kits I had laying around from the 70's that I was never going to build anyway, I discovered that the hobby of rocketry was enjoying a rebirth of sorts. However I noticed things weren't as cheap as they once were in the 70's. So I got involved in buying wholesale and selling on EBay. Eventually I saw a need for an online web store that would sell real cheap a few dollars over cost, instead of the high markups on the Internet I see. That's when www.unclemikesrocketshack.com was born.

I promise to always try and sell cheaper than anybody else on the web, and offer quality kits. I want to make this hobby as CHEAP as possible so a whole new generation of kids & children can enjoy "lighting one off" with their parents and friends. For me rocketry has always been a great family hobby something I wish to see continue in the future.

Updated: February 1, 2008