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Rocketry Software

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THERMCAS - Motor Casing Thermal Analysis

A thermal analysis package that determines the temperature distribution through the thickness of a motor casing wall that results from convective heating due to propellant combustion and resulting gas flow. The package consists of DOS executable file which outputs a table of results which may be copied into a companion ...

Vertical Rocket Motion v1.01

Vertical Rocket Motion, Version 1.01. This program computes the vertical trajectory of a rocket at subsonic speeds. Plotting of various results are also possible.

Visual Center of Pressure

A software tool for doing Barrowman and extended Barrowman calculations for model/experimental rocket.

Water Rocket Fun

This program can help students and rocketeers understand the physics of water rockets and how to optimize their water rocket launches to obtain the highest apogees. The interface is designed to be easy to use and understand. But don't be fooled by the program's simple layout, few if any of ...

WHOOSH - Bottle Rocket Performance

This program may be of interest to the slightly less adventurous amateur rocketeer -- it predicts the performance of a "pop bottle" rocket (aka "water rocket"). A pop bottle rocket, by the way, is a rocket made from a plastic pop bottle (eg 2 litre) filled with a mixture of ...


Easy-to-use altitude prediction software, includes motor files and center-of-pressure calculations. Author: Steve Roberson

wRASP - Rocket Altitude Simulation Program

wRASP is a Windows program that simulates the flight of a rocket in one dimension (one degree-of-freedom). It can be used to get an idea of how high a rocket kit might fly with a particular motor and what the best ejection delay time might be.

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