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Rocketry Software

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This MS EXCEL spreadsheet may be used to create a flat pattern for a parachute gore. A gore is an individual panel that, when stitched together with adjacent gores, forms the canopy of a parachute. The user inputs the basic parachute diameter, as well as the number of gores desired ...


PROPEP is a combustion simulation software, that estimates the specific impulse and thermodynamical constants for a propellant composition. Ingredients are selected from a list to which new items can be added. Important: Read the READ.ME file for instructions on directory settings.

R-DAS User Interface

The R-DAS system is used to measure and store analog and digital data gathered during a rocket flight. Furthermore it can be used to set off your pilot and main parachute charges. The R-DAS has been used successfully in HPR rockets and by some of the world's largest aerospace companies.

RocCad - Rocket Altitude Prediction & Coefficient of Drag and Centre of Pressure Estimation

This program predicts the altitude a rocket may fly given the performance parameters of the motor and the physical characteristics of the rocket. The program also determines the optimum weight of a rocket to achieve maximum altitude. Additionally, the program can estimate the coefficient of drag (Cd) and the centre ...


A Program to Estimate Drag Coefficient and Simulate Performance for Simple Model Rockets.

RocFlight - Rocketry Trajectory Software

RocFlight is a Windows based, 2-D, rocket trajectory program for modeling launch vehicles traveling through the standard earth atmospheric model. The program includes a database of common high power/model rocket motors and kits, graphing capabilities, an optimal mass calculation tool, and a database management system for creating and storing custom ...

Rocket Engine Specific Impulse Program

Specific Impulse (Isp) is a measure of the “fuel efficiency” of a rocket. The necessary thermodynamic calculations for Isp are performed by a package of text based programs and files which run on MS-DOS or Windows based personal computers.

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