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Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information

When making submissions to Rocketry.Org your personal information and email address will never be sold to any marketer or used in any spam emailings. I don't market anything via email and will never sell your name or email address to any other company. Also, nothing on the "Comments Form" will ever be included in the database or shared with anyone else.

Information Displayed On The Site

Anything you enter in the "Your Contact Information" section of a content submission form will not be displayed on the site, and will not be entered into the Rocketry.Org database. This information is only taken in case I have a question for the submitter regarding the content, and to confirm with them that their submission has been received and included in the database.

What will be entered into the Rocketry.Org database is the information submitted in the "Submission Information" section. The fields in this section of the forms just collect information about the Link/Organization/Supplier for display on the web site in the appropriate section.

Sites Already In The Database

There are many sites, organizations and suppliers already in the Rocketry.Org database that were not submitted by their respective owners or a visitor.

These sites were included in the database due to their relevance to amateur rocketry, and any information displayed by Rocketry.Org was freely displayed on the web for all to see at the time of inclusion in the database.

However, if any site owner wishes to have their information modified or removed they can make a request to me via the comments form and I will make any changes they require within a few days of receiving such a request and will email them a confirmation once their record has been updated or removed.