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4-H Rockets Away Web Site

The Rockets Away educational program teaches about the science of rocketry through the use of hands-on experiments, computer software and the building and launching of 2-liter bottle rockets.

Amateur and Experimental Rocketry

Kurt Theis has been making solid fuel composite motors since 1996. Although a very plain site, he gives quite a bit of good information on making solid propellant motors, and links to photos of some of his projects.

The Amateur Rocketry Links Library

Links to lots of experimental rocketry web sites, including this one, with a brief description of each.

Amateur Rockets in Argentina

Coheteria Experimental Amateur, Computadoras, Microcontroladores, Astronomia, Electronica, Fisica, Quimica, Lutheria y otros menesteres.. Experimental Amateur Rocketry, Computers, Microcontrollers, Astronomy, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry, Luthery and other stuff..

Andy Urwin's Rocket Web Site

This web site is about rocket engines and how they can be used to propel cars for drag racing and land speed records. Also includes rocket engines that he has been building.

Apogee's Model Rocket Education Guide

Apogee EducatesThe purpose of this web page is to provide useful information about using model rockets in classrooms. Our goal is to give you pages on information that contain tips on teaching with rocketry, background technical information about model rockets, and things like: projects with model rockets, payloads, special educational rocket kits, how rockets work, safety guidelines, other link lists dealing with rocketry, organizations that support rocketry education, or working with large groups of kids.

aRocket, Ad Astra Per Aspera

Here you will find software tools, active discussion forums, suppliers lists, technical references and links to others working in this exciting field. If you want to get to space, and don't mind doing much of the work yourself, this is a good place to start.

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